Earn up to 300% Interest Per Annum

Fixed Deposit Savings in Crypto

Escape inflation by saving in major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
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Earn High Interest on Your Crypto Assets

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Low Risk DeFi Savings

We don't trade or invest your money. Your funds are locked in our Smart Contract and can only be accessed by you.

A new kind of bank

ZinaX offers high yield savings options, for the everyday man

NFT Loans

LP Mining

It’s easier as ever!

How to get started

  • Connect your Trustwallet/Metamask to the dapp. Set Network to Binance SmartChain
  • Select the Currency you wish to save in and click "approve contract"
  • Put in the amount of tokens you wish to stake, and click on "Stake"
  • You have successfully saved using the ZinaX Platform

Refer a friend and earn 20% of his Rewards

  • Instant Payouts Our smart contracts automatically credit you. No need to for admin authorization
  • Zero Fees You don't need to register specially. Every ZinaX user can refer others.
  • Earn Forever You keep earning your referral rewards forever. Non stop!

Your Money, Your Rules

Choose the asset class that suits your risk appetite. Your funds are securely locked on our smart contract

Major Coins

Yearly Plans

  • Multiple Options Save in BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, CAKE, ZINA, ZINAX, etc
  • Juicy Returns Up to 300% interest per annum
  • ZinaX Rewards You earn ZinaX DAO tokens when you save in any of these assets
  • Referral Commissions Earn rewards when you refer others to save on ZinaX
  • Decentralized You remain in control of your savings. Admin cannot access your funds
  • Emergency Withdrawal If you ever need your money before the lock expires, you can withdraw it. Cancellation fee applies

Stable Coins

Yearly Plans

  • We offer saving plans for USDT and USDC
  • Low Risk Savings Stablecoins are pegged to dollars so they rarely lose value
  • ZinaX Rewards Earn ZinaX DAO Tokens when you save in stablecoins
  • Juicy Returns Earn up to 300% when you save in stablecoins
  • Zero Impairment Loss Stablecoins don't lose value, so your funds are not devalued over time
  • Emergency Withdrawals You can pull out anytime you want. Cancellation fees apply

LP Mining

Yearly Plans

  • Mine ZinaX/BNB LP Tokens
  • Mine ZINA/BNB LP Tokens
  • High Yield 200X Multiplier for our LP Miners
  • Trading Fees Earn a cut when people buy or sell ZinaX Tokens
  • Earn Double Your returns come in both ZinaX and BNB, depending on the condition of the market
  • Zero Equipment Cost You don't need equipment to mine. Let your lp tokens mine for you

Awesome & active community

We have a community of 12,000 enthusiats who are ready and willing to help you out.

You can get instant support from our community anytime you run into issues using our platform.

It’s easier as ever!

Check out our customers success stories

ZinaX has replaced my bank account. I save money only on ZinaX. That's how much I trust them. I advise you do the same too. You would never regret it


I love ZinaX because it is sustainable. The yield does not shrink with time, rather it increases as the ZinaX Token price booms. Trust me, ZinaX is the future


I am a bad trader. I've lost a lot of money trading. ZinaX offers me the chance to make money from crypto, without trading. Absolutely love this.

South Africa

I didn't really understand much about cryptocurrencies, till I encountered ZinaX. The events helped me learn a lot, and also taught me the importance of HODL


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