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Investing in the ZinaX Token comes with a lot of benefits for holders. It is not enough to use the ZinaX platform for savings, buy our token and see your returns grow

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Invest in the Future

ZinaX is one of the fastest growing defi protocols in the world. By buying the ZinaX Token and saving it on the platform, you are investing in the future of finance.

Participate in the ZinaX Governance

When you purchase our token, you get the rights to participate in the governance and administration of ZinaX DAO. You can vote on fees, supply, taxes, minting rate, features and lots more. Your money, your rules.


Why You Should Invest in ZinaX

It’s not enough to use the platform, invest in it and remain in control of your funds

Stay up to date

ZinaX Token holders get instant updates on the events within the organization. They get easy acess to the management team

Portfolio Growth

ZinaX Token has huge potential to become a billion dollar project. By buying into it, you can see 1000x on your money if this milestone is reached.

Increased Dividends

Investing in ZinaX helps grow the value of the token, which also grows the APY. The higher the value of ZinaX Token, the more the dividend.


ZinaX has anti-dump mechanism. This prevents a price dump or rugpull by the creators or any bad players.

Strong Fundamentals

ZinaX token have massive utility in DeFi and NFTs, and also strong economic models. The token is battle tested.


The ZinaX Token model is sustainable and can withstand the test of time. Unlike meme tokens, it has utility and solves real life problems

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question on our modus operandi, interest rates or how we generate the high interest?  View more Q&A here

The interest rates being paid are in ZinaX DAO Tokens. We mint our own token and use them to pay our users. This way, profits are always guaranteed

Our platform is built on the blockchain using the latest security standard. Our contracts have also been audited by top security companies. The way our contract is built, only the user has access to his own funds. ZinaX team cannot initiate withdrawals or deposits on behalf of users. In other words, the funds are only accessible to the users and cannot be touched by the ZinaX Team

ZinaX does not invest your money anywhere. We don’t trade with them or lend them out. Your funds are locked up in our smart contract, which automatically mints rewards for you. This keeps your funds safe.

ZinaX Dividends are paid in ZinaX tokens. These tokens do not have a fixed price, and may rise or fall as due to forces of demand and supply. This means that the interest rate cannot be fixed. The rates can increase as the price of ZinaX grows, or reduce as price falls.

Yes, you can withdraw before your lock duration. Note that withdrawing before the lockup time elapses comes with a cancellation fee

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