Referral Bounty

Refer your friends to the ZinaX platforn and earn a percentage of their rewards. Zero registration fees, zero games

ZinaX Polo

How to get started

To start earning referral rewards, visit the ZinaX Savings App on your web3 browser and do the following

Unlock Wallet

Unlock your wallet on the "Refferals" section of the ZinaX App

Copy Link

Copy your referral link, and share it to your friends.

Earn Rewards

Once your friend saves on the platform, the referral bonuses start counting. Rewards are paid out automatically

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

These are certain requirements and terms that accompany the ZinaX Referral Program. Endeavor to read them below:

  • For your referrals to count, you must have staked on the ZinaX platform. U can stake in any pool, with as low as $0.00001
  • Your rewards come directly to your wallet.
  • Referral rewards are paid out in ZinaX Token
  • The referral commission can be reviewed upward or downward by the ZinaX DAO.
  • Once you refer a user, he cannot be referred by someone else. This means that every future savings he makes on the platform count for you

Track Your Referral Rewards from Your Dashboard

You can check how many referrals you have, and how much you have earned in referral bonuses from the ZinaX platform.

ZinaX vs Our Competitors

Your mortgage should be as unique as the home you buy

  • Interest Rate of 6-17%
  • Transaction Limit on deposit and withdrawals
  • 24 Hours for Process withdrawal or deposit
  • $0 Maintenance Fee
  • No Referral Bonus
  • 0.64% - 6.1% Interest per annum
  • Transaction Limit on deposit and withdrawals
  • Only supports users in US and the EU
  • Does not support NFTs
  • $0 Maintenance Fee
  • Yes Referral Bonus
  • Earn up to 300% per annum in interest
  • No Transaction Limits
  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawal Processing
  • Supports Users from anywhere in the world
  • $0 Maintenance Fee
  • Yes Referral Bonus


Why Save With ZinaX?

In most countries, HODLing crypto for up to one year eliminates the tax burden. ZinaX provides you a way to escape taxes, and also earn juicy returns

We only list quality cryptocurrencies that can stand the test of time. We also provide stablecoin pairs, to minimize impairment loss

ZinaX offers very juicy interest rates. We have pools that offer as high as 300% interest on staking. Our interest is also sustainable.

We use only secure and audited smart contracts on our platform. Your funds are secure with us. We also regularly conduct security audits

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question on our modus operandi, interest rates or how we generate the high interest?  View more Q&A here

The interest rates being paid are in ZinaX DAO Tokens. We mint our own token and use them to pay our users. This way, profits are always guaranteed

Our platform is built on the blockchain using the latest security standard. Our contracts have also been audited by top security companies. The way our contract is built, only the user has access to his own funds. ZinaX team cannot initiate withdrawals or deposits on behalf of users. In other words, the funds are only accessible to the users and cannot be touched by the ZinaX Team

ZinaX does not invest your money anywhere. We don’t trade with them or lend them out. Your funds are locked up in our smart contract, which automatically mints rewards for you. This keeps your funds safe.

ZinaX Dividends are paid in ZinaX tokens. These tokens do not have a fixed price, and may rise or fall as due to forces of demand and supply. This means that the interest rate cannot be fixed. The rates can increase as the price of ZinaX grows, or reduce as price falls.

Yes, you can withdraw before your lock duration. Note that withdrawing before the lockup time elapses comes with a cancellation fee

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